We Call it The 10% Rule

10% of the time spent on any project Tall Poppies PR is hired for is given back to individual women and women’s groups that cannot otherwise afford public relations help.

Why do it? It’s pretty simple and part of it is inherent in our name. Women have and continue to fight for pay equality, healthcare equality, education equality and political and workplace equality. Tall Poppies PR believes in the potential of all women and we are demonstrating this commitment with The 10% Rule. If the assistance we provide to a woman who needs our help moves the needle an inch towards improving her equality, than it is honestly the least one female entrepreneur can do to help another woman.

If you know of a woman that needs public relations assistance, please email Sarah at sarah@tallpoppespr.com. It’s the first step of many small steps that we can all take towards real change.

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