Tall Poppies PR #GirlBoss

Aren’t bios the worst? (Sarah is much happier writing them for other people than herself.)

Introduced to world politics at the age of 15 while spending an exchange year abroad in Germany, Sarah brought home a suitcase full of European clothes and the realization that local issues can have global consequences as the continent sped towards becoming the European Union.

Sarah continued to hone her love of politics and in 2007 she walked in to the British Columbia Legislature where she began her political career for the B.C. Liberal Government Caucus as a Research Officer. She literally spent thousands of hours in a windowless room honing her research abilities for Members of the Legislative Assembly, Ministers and the Premier. Sarah describes what happened next with a hockey analogy (this is Canada after all): If Government Caucus is a farm team then being asked to serve as a political aide to a Minister is like being called up to play in the N.H.L. Sarah worked for a variety of Minister’s in the portfolios of child care, agriculture, economic development and advanced education. (Ask her how most job assignments were handed out – you won’t believe it.)

After almost six years in Victoria, Sarah moved to Fort McMurray in 2012 to take on the role of Executive Director of Leadership Wood Buffalo to be close to her then boyfriend, a mining engineer in Alberta’s Oil Sands. A promotion for him led to their departure for Calgary in 2013. Since arriving in Calgary the boyfriend became a husband, a home was purchased, a dog (Lola, she’s over to the right) has joined the family and Sarah joined the private sector in the fields of stakeholder relations and teaching before starting Tall Poppies PR.

After a break from federal and provincial politics, Sarah has reengaged at both levels. Sarah currently sits on the local boards of provincial and federal political parties and volunteers with Ask Her. She also has a personal lifestyle blog called She Stole My Style (the name has political origins). Sarah and her husband love to travel and have visited 10 countries together since meeting with at least two more to come in 2017.

Lola the real Tall Poppies PR Boss