Don't See What You Are Looking For? Ask Us About It. It Might Be In Our Back Pocket.

What Tall Poppies PR Offers

Graphic Design

Remember the seven seconds rule? It’s the time in which first impressions are made. It’s not a lot of time which means you need to bring your A-Game when it comes to graphic design. Logos, business cards, social media graphics and pretty much anything you can imagine can be made to make those seven seconds the best ones you can.


You may not realize it but you make a lot of strategic decisions all day long. Should I eat now or wait until I can have something healthier? Should I take a main road or the back way? We can provide the BIG strategy you and your business need whether it’s about how to start using social media, what to say (and when not to) or how to use PR to position yourselves as a brand leader.


Don’t love writing or research? It’s ok because we do! With a very broad background it’s in Tall Poppies PR DNA to know a lot about a lot of things – it comes in handy at dinner parties too. Whether it’s technical writing you need or something a little lighter for internal or external communications, we have got your back.


We can help you develop, refine and present your story and why it’s important (the why is really important). Your story is fundamental to your business or campaign because it is who you are. Your story is what will differentiate you from your competition. It’s what makes you and your brand unique and only you can tell it.

Event Planning

Big or small. With experience planning and coordinating events in the public and private sectors (not to mention a whole wedding), we can make your event not only happen but take it off your plate because you have enough going on without worrying about if the flowers have been delivered or the custom drink stirrers came in the right colour.

Government Relations

We have been on the other side of the table. Those meetings can fly by and it is up to you to convey how the proposed policy or legislation change will impact your business, your bottom line and your family. Make the most of the meeting by working with us to be as prepared and as success in the meeting as possible.

Image Consulting

You know your key messages, your prepared for the gotcha question but your tie looks terrible on camera or your favourite dress has seen better days. We will work with you on not only sounding your best but looking your best too.

Political Consulting

With too many campaigns to count as experience, there isn’t anything political that we can’t do. Volunteer coordination? Debate prep? Phonebook script development? Canvassing coordination? If you have an outstanding candidate, we want to work with them.

Anything with a Microphone

And we mean it. Except for singing. We can’t help you with that. Do you need help preparing for an interview, press conference, in-depth media training or crisis communications? We can help you be prepared for the best and worst case scenarios. Don’t let a gotcha question get you.